What is Eco-Schools?

Eco Schools

Eco-Schools is an environmental management, certification, and sustainable development education programme for schools. Its holistic, participatory approach and combination of learning and action make it an ideal way for schools to embark on a meaningful path for improving the environment in both the school and local community, and to influence the lives of young people, school staff, families, local authorities and NGOs.

The Eco-Schools programme involves seven steps that any school can adopt. Steps involve establishing an Eco-Schools Committee to encourage and manage the programme; providing environmental curriculum to students which includes hands-on opportunities for students to improve and empower the school and community; and developing an eco-code which outlines the school's values and objectives alongside student goals. The process involves a wide range of stakeholders, but it is the pupils who play the most important role.

Schools are evaluated after a period of participation and successful schools are awarded with the Eco-School’s Green Flag.

Green Flag schools report increased environmental awareness of pupils, staff and communities, financial savings, and a stronger school-community relationship. As a democratic and participatory programme, pupils and staff experience active citizenship in school which encourages them to take ongoing, important roles in improving both their school and home environment. Additionally, the schools are given the opportunity to create links with other schools, nationally and internationally, creating a means for cultural exchange, language improvement and the sharing of environmental education ideas.

For more information visit: www.eco-schools.org  

Interested in Eco-Schools?
If you are from a country with a FEE member organisation, please contact the national FEE member organisation.
If you are from a country without a FEE member organisation, an appropriate organisation must first become a member of FEE. Please consult the Membership page and contact the FEE Secretariat for further information.

For more information about how a new FEE member organisation can implement the Eco-Schools Programme, please contact the Eco-Schools Coordination.
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International Eco-Schools Programme Director: Bríd Conneely
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